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About Cheap Graphic Design!

I'm adding a new section about cheap graphic design or just about graphic design here. This section about graphic design should help my rating for Cheap graphic design because I really do graphic design cheaply and not Cheap graphic Design. And when I say Cheap graphic design i'm saying Cheap as in Price not in quality. As my Graphic Design is of Very professional Quality Graphic Design. If you are searching for a Christian Graphic Designer than you have come to the right place. Here at Elite FotoGraphics I give discounts for all Christians and Christ based projects. If you are a Christian or your project is Honoring our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ than you will qualify for 50% off all Graphic Design Fees.

Hire a Graphic Designer

If you want to hire a graphic designer than you should hire me. I will beat any quote that another graphic designer gives you. And My graphic design skills are probably much better than their graphic design skills. I really hope no one is reading this text about Graphic Design as It is just extra text about cheap graphic design or the basic keyword GRAPHIC DESIGN! I want to be the best Graphic Designer I can be. So if you hire me to do your graphic design than I will work as unto the Lord and will promise you that you will get the best Graphic Design that I can do! I always do my best graphic design and cheap graphic design for every client! I only slack off on the weekends as I try and unplug and not do any graphic design work on the weekends as I try and spend said time with my family. I also play a christian version of Dungeons and Dragons on Friday's with my two boys and my nephew and his girlfriend.

How much should you Pay a Graphic Designer?

SO. here is the real question. How much should you pay a graphic designer. Well the answer to said question is simple. How much are they asking for? A good graphic designer will charge between 20 and 50 dollars an hour. I charge $35.00 an hour for my graphic design work and I charge 35 to 40 dollars an hour for my web design work. Now the real thing is this. You are actually the boss when it comes to hireing a graphic designer. If you only want to pay 10 dollars an hour for graphic design than that's all you have to pay! Here is why. HE WHO HAS THE GOLD MAKES THE RULES. the above statement is true .. you are the one with the money and so you will say what you will pay per graphic design job! If you only want to pay X ammount of dollars for a graphic design than any graphic designer will either say yes or no. it's that simple. NOW... if you want to get a good graphic designer than you will most likley have to pay their rates as they have enough graphic design clients to choose from where they can just tell you to go suck an egg. So when you are looking to get a cheap graphic designer than be careful. Don't go to a firm as they will charge you a huge ammount of money for a graphic design. As the owner of the firm will get a cut and then the graphic designer that they have on staff will get their, usually LOW hourly rate. That is why it's so much better to NOT work for a graphic design firm if you are a graphic designer.

Graphic Design Links.

I currently don't have any graphic design links or any Cheap Graphic Design links besides the ones to my website. If you want to get some good cheap graphic design links then just google cheap graphic design. You will find plenty of links on google's search. Be but careful as my links are in the #1 and #2 position when you google Cheap Graphic Design. I am NOT in the #1 or even in the to 10 if you just google Graphic Design. I would love to change that! so if you are reading this PLEASE , link me to your web site with a text tag of Graphic Design. If you place a link to my website under Graphic Design than I will give you 50% off your graphic design fees.

For Cheap Graphic Design or low cost graphic designers you can use my website. if you are looking for a cheap alternative to cheap graphic design or cheap web hosting you can use or just stay on my site and utilize my graphic designer for hire skills and take advantage to my cheap design rates.

i design book covers and am a christian graphic designer. I work with cristian companies and am known as a christian graphic designers or christian graphic design. graphic designer christians are hard to find and i am a christian graphic designer. I work for my self and am a christain designer. design materials for christain designers are good. Christian photographers are hard to find and if you are in Indiana than you can search for: Christian Graphic Designers in Indiana.










(574) 933-3759


Cheap Graphic Design, Photography, and Web Design!

Cheap Graphic DesignerCheap Graphic Design, Photography, and Web Design: "A CHRISTIAN DESIGN COMPANY" is not a graphic design studio. Cheap Graphic Design, Photography, and Web Design is not a large business. Cheap Graphic Design, Photography, and Web Design is not a small business. Cheap Graphic Design, Photography, and Web Design is actually run by one person in a room with two computers and three other designers.

Who am I exactly? My name is Andrew W. Zehner. (That's me on the left) I'm a Christian freelance graphic specialist (lots of training) or I guess you could call me a freelance graphic artist. Also working beside me is Phil, Mark, and Carlos. Together we make Elite Foto Graphics. I use the term Specialist because I do Professional Photography, Graphic Design, Web Design, 3D modeling & Animation, Flash, Film and Television production and pretty much anything else that has to do with graphics. I use the word Christian because I do this business for the Lord and to help fellow brothers and sisters in Christ get a deal on graphic design, professional photography and web design.

ALL Christians or Projects that bring glory to Christ will receive 50% off of ALL graphic design prices!
1 Corinthians 10:31 - Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

My main clients are Christian individuals who need quality graphic design and want a fellow follower of Jesus Christ working on their project with them. People that need book covers for their Christian books or any kind of book or even magazine covers. Independent musicians that need CD covers. I guess you can say I do a lot of cover art, whether it's CD cover art, DVD case designs, or cheap book cover designs. Professional Photography is the newest addition to the mix. When I say Professional Photography I mean Portraits, Stock, Action, and Wedding Photography.

I've been doing this for over 10 years and some things for longer. So if you need anything such as custom print and webpage graphics, banners, logo designs and flash or multimedia animation at the cheapest price around, I can get it done for you. So from here on out I will refer to myself as "Cheap Graphic Design" and some places "Mr. Cheap Graphic Design" or even Mr. Cheap web design.


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      • Web graphics
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cheap graphic design's mascot... LUCKYMr. Cheap Graphic Design can develop graphic images tailored specifically for your business or your business web site. I can personally create corporate identity packages that include business cards, letterheads, brochures (tri-folds), posters, flyers and menus using various software applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Mr. Cheap Graphic Design can also convert your print logo to Web images and vice versa. for maximum impact.

Are you an independent filmmaker or musician? Are you a Christian Recording Artist? I offer even cheaper graphic design rates for independent artists like yourself. My motto has always been: Just because your project is low budget, doesn't mean it has to look that way. So contact me today! you can contact Me.... Mr. Cheap graphic design by clicking here! EMAIL ME. Or leave me a message at 574.933.3759. Please only call from 9am to 8pm EST.

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